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Though many property owners throughout Shelton, Washington, prefer to preserve their trees, tree removal is sometimes necessary. If a tree falls on your property or presents another problem for you or the environment, call our team at Carlson Tree Care, LLC, for expert tree removal.

Professional Tree Removal You Can Count On

We use our 20 years of experience to safely remove diseased, fallen, or dead trees from Shelton properties. Our experts specialize in close-quarters tree downing. We also have the skills and equipment to provide low-impact tree removal to minimize environmental damage and high technical removals. 

How To Recognize a Potentially Dangerous Tree

Is your tree a hazard? Here are signs that it might be time for tree removal:

  • Visible damage from fungus, pests, or rot
  • Tilting over a building, sidewalk, or power lines
  • Loose branches
  • Encroachment onto a home, business, or utility lines
  • Hollowed or decayed appearance

Safe Tree Disposal Options for Shelton Residents

As a full-service tree removal service, you can count on our crew to handle tree disposal after its removal. We offer several wood-handling options, like:

  • Mulching
  • Chopping firewood
  • Leaving the wood in log form

If you leave the wood in log form, we'll haul it away for you.

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Quality Shelton Stump Grinding Services

You don't have to leave an unsightly tree stump on your property. Our team has the equipment to grind or extract stumps, leaving your landscape smooth, visually appealing, and free of trip hazards.

Emergency Tree Removal in Shelton, Washington

If a severe storm causes a tree removal emergency, turn to Carlson Tree Care, LLC. Our responsive team can quickly and accurately assess the dangers of the situation and provide the necessary solutions.

Put Your Trust in Carlson Tree Care, LLC

When you need tree removal in Shelton, Washington, don't hesitate to contact our professionals. Whether you need tree extraction for a dangerous tree or stump grinding to avoid trip hazards on your landscape, we can help.

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