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Heavy winds, disease, and root rot can all cause trees to break apart and fall down. When you remove the trunk of such trees, you still have to deal with the pesky stump left behind. Ignoring it creates a safety hazard for children and pets, but it also takes up valuable space.

At Carlson Tree Care, LLC, we offer highly efficient stump grinding services to property owners across Shelton, Washington. You don’t have to mow around that tree stump forever! 

Our stump grinding team uses a heavy-duty stump grinder to remove tree stumps and roots, quickly converting them to wood chips, which are easier to remove from the property. We grind stumps down to level. 

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The Benefits of Choosing Our Stump Grinding Service

Environmentally Friendly

You don’t need to force a tree stump to rot using harsh chemicals. The process is dangerous for the environment and takes ages. Stump grinding will achieve the same result without using any hazardous substances.

Highly Effective

Do you want to spend hours digging around the stump roots with average gardening tools? You could work for days without getting anywhere! Stump grinding is the most effective way to remove tree stumps without leaving anything behind.

Minimally Disruptive

When you attempt to dig out a tree stump, you may disrupt sidewalks, underground utilities, plant life, etc. Our stump grinding team will work directly on the stump, never going beyond the stump’s diameter.

Landscape Friendly

Removing tree stumps eliminates trip hazards, reduces the risk of disease spreading across your landscape, and eliminates a possible hiding spot for pests.

Stump Grinding A Tree Trunk

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If you’re looking for tree stump grinding experts you can trust in Shelton and the surrounding areas, turn to the team at Carlson Tree Care, LLC. We can schedule an appointment for your preferred dates and complete the stump grinding in the shortest time possible.

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