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Nature is highly unpredictable. Strong winds, ice buildup, and lightning strikes can cause a tree emergency when you least expect it.

When that happens, you can’t afford to wait until a company can send someone over. You need a provider of immediate response services to come over quickly and save your property and your family from a hazardous situation.

At Carlson Tree Care, LLC, we offer 24-hour emergency services for property owners across Shelton, Washington. When you have a fallen tree or one dangling dangerously close to your property, you can trust our team for urgent response solutions. No matter the time, you can trust us to arrive, remove the tree, and board up your property.

We have years of experience providing 24-hour emergency help for tree emergencies. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

What Qualifies as a Tree Emergency?

When a tree suddenly falls onto roadways, buildings, or vehicles, causing property damage, you have a tree emergency.  

You might also have a tree emergency when the tree hasn’t fallen already but is showing signs of imminent crashing. This is especially true if the weather conditions make that fall even more likely. Taking advantage of our 24/7 emergency assistance will protect your property and the people around you.

What To Do in a Tree Emergency

If you have a tree emergency, here are the steps you should take:

  • Get everyone to safety: Move family members and pets away from the fallen or dangling tree.
  • Call 911 if necessary: Call emergency response services if someone has sustained an injury.
  • Block off the area: Use cones or caution tape to block off the area to prevent further accidents.
  • Confirm responsibility: If the tree has fallen on public power or communication lines, it’s the company’s responsibility to remove it. Otherwise, it falls to the property owner.
  • Document the scene: Take photos and videos of the damage for your insurance company.
  • Call an emergency tree removal company: That’s us!
Damaged fallen tree on a rural road after a strong storm

We offer timely and reliable tree removal services around the clock.

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